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2300AD was a hard science fiction role playing game published by GDW. GDW were also behind Traveller, the oldest and most popular science fiction role playing game, and other titles such as Twilight:2000 and Dark Conspiracy. Sadly, GDW folded in 1996 due to financial problems, and their titles have been bought up by other companies. The rights to Traveller have reverted back to the original owner, Marc Miller, and it has been re published by Imperium Games. 2300AD has been purchased by Tantalus Inc. , a computer software company who wish to develop the background but who are not revealing if there will ever be a third edition of the actual game. ( Though they did start work on some computer based conversions of Star Cruiser a few years back ).

Tantalus have given their permission for noncommercial material for 2300AD to be published providing the following disclaimer is present -

The 2300AD game in all forms is owned by Tantalus, Inc. Copyright 1986 - 1996 Tantalus, Inc. 2300AD is a trademark of Tantalus, Inc. Tantalus permits web sites and fanzines for this game, provided it contains this notice, that Tantalus is notified, and subject to a withdrawal of permission on 90 days notice. The contents of this site are for personal, non-commercial use, only. Any use of Tantalus, Inc.'s copyrighted material or trademarks anywhere on this web site and its files should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or trademarks. In addition, any program/articles/file on this site cannot be re published or distributed without the consent of the author who contributed it.


Right, here's some stuff from my personal campaign. I will update these links as I get time to convert the original material to HTML documents.

[Click Here] Unofficial Errata for 2300AD and StarCruiser
[Click Here] The Console Cowboy's Cookbook has some neat new stuff for Net Runners
[Click Here] State Of The Art - A catalogue of new equipment for Cyberpunk campaigns
[Click Here] Meson Guns in 2300AD.
[Click Here] Some robots for use with 2300AD. (This is still a work in progress !).
[Click Here] The Alexander Graham Bell-class courier. Now with the Ship Status Sheet !
[Click Here] The Near Star List II Project
[Click Here] A Calendar for the year 2304 as a text file
[Click Here] The 2300AD Technical Architecture is now on the web !
[Click Here] The HWG (Hertford Wargames Group) 2300AD Campaign and Personalities
[Click Here] ... and here's some equipment from that campaign
[Click Here] My Ukraine Page for the Grand Game II is here ...
[Click Here] An Extended Hit Location chart.
[Click Here] My definitions for simple sensory perception tasks can be found here.

Links to other 2300AD sites

[Click Here] Pentapod's World
This page maintained by Kevin Clark and is home to the "Best of the 2300AD Mailing List" archives and a number of reprinted Challenge articles. It is also the "Official" archive of Jay Adan's 2300AD Resource.

[Click Here] Andy Slack's Halfway Station 2300 AD Page
Andy Slack used to write loads of articles for White Dwarf and Challenge magazine, and has republished a load of them on his web site. Some of Andy's articles ( especially the Snowbird Mystery back in WD42 ! ) are my all time favourites, so go on and check this lot out ...

[Click Here] Brian Hoover's 2300 Mailing List Archives
Brian maintains complete archives of everything that is posted on the 2300AD mailing list. Well worth a browse if you have missed out on earlier digests, especially since your questions may already be answered ...

[Click Here] Juha Suni's The 2300AD Database
A regular newsletter for 2300AD published on the web, with some nice formatting. Check out the latest issue !

[Click Here] Steve C's "One Man's View of 2300AD"
Steve Crutchfield's website has some information as to where to obtain out of print products, and reviews of all 2300AD products that were produced.

[Click Here] The Grand Game II
The Grand Game II is the project dedicated to evolving the history of the 2300AD universe by playing out the aftermath of the Kafer Invasion.

[Click Here] The WARP Home Page
The place to get Max Lambertini's way cool WARP star mapping software, which uses data from my Near Star List II Project.

[Click Here] Andy Goddard's 2300AD pages are simply excellent. He's got deck plans for a Kafer Cruiser and some 3D (!) deck plans for the American "Kennedy" class, which simply have to be seen. Unfortunately, Andy has decided to remove these pages for the time being after he was offended by the attitude of some members of the 2300AD mailing list. Hopefully he will restore them in the near future, or at least let someone else host them. At the moment, this page muses about the future of 2300AD.

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